Construction technology: bored piles and columns, jet-grouting, jet-columns, grouting, diaphragm walls, shoring of excavation, consolidation of foundation and foundation bed, jet-grouting curtain, micropiles, anchors, lining, waterproofing, bed drainage, dewatering.

The new construction methods (technology) - Publications and exclusive articles

1. "Reconstruction and renovation of A.S. Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Improving construction technology in funds storage construction", "World underground space", ¹ 2-3, 1998, pages 20-21, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 718 Kb)

2. "Underground parking-garage in the Revolution Square in Moscow. From technical proposal to realization of the project". "Tunel" 8.Rochnik ¹ 1, 1999, pages 28-33. (English version, PDF, 882 Kb).

2. "Waterproofing of underground structures with the help of geosynthetics. Three ways to build reliable waterproofing", "World underground space" special edition, 2001, 72 pages, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 1932 Kb)

4. "Bored columns – the new reality", "World underground space", ¹ 4, 2001, pages 12-21, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 1621 Kb)

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6. “Multifunctional Complex “Alfa-Arbat-Centre” in Moscow: construction of the five-level underground parking-garage”. “Metro and Tunnels”, ¹ 6, 2002, pages 18-21, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 1219 Kb)

7. "Jet-grouting technology application on the construction of many-storied garage with motor-car-shop at 66, Mytnaya Street in Moscow", "World underground space", ¹ 3-4, 2003, pages 31-34, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 721 Kb)

8. "Development top-down method of underground construction or Hi-Tech in Russian", "World underground space", ¹ 5, 2003, pages 11-27, TIMR, Moscow. (English version, PDF, 2061 Kb)

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11. "Construction of the five-stars hotel "Ritz Carlton" with underground five-level space in the Tverskaya Street in Moscow", "World underground space", ¹ 4-5, 2004, pages 7-17, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 2080 Kb)

12. "Construction of the office building "Ducat Place III" with three-level underground space in the Gashek street in Moscow", "World underground space", ¹ 3-4, 2005, pages 24-34, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 2001 Kb)

13. "International hotel "Ritz Carlton" in the Tverskaya Street in Moscow. Difficult realization of the complicated project", "World underground space", ¹ 3-4, 2005, pages 7-23, TIMR, Moscow. (Russian version, PDF, 2242 Kb)

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