Construction technology: bored piles and columns, jet-grouting, jet-columns, grouting, diaphragm walls, shoring of excavation, consolidation of foundation and foundation bed, jet-grouting curtain, micropiles, anchors, lining, waterproofing, bed drainage, dewatering.


July, 2003

MFC "Alfa-Arbat-Center" in Moscow. Half hour on the Construction of Underground Parking or Hi-Tech in Russian.        Construction of the 5-level underground parking MFC "Alfa-Arbat-Center", which designing became for us the important stage on a way of perfection of the technology of a construction top-down method, set up on own experience and "know-how", comes to the end.

       Work above really exclusive material on this installation, containing never earlier published pictures and the colourful schemes, illustrating sequence of manufacture of the basic works, the detailed description of the applied construction method, and also the analysis of the accepted engineering solutions, comes to the end also. You can soon see all this on pages and is clearer imagine continuously growing opportunities and efficiency of use of a construction top-down method in megacities.

September, 2002

       According to the order of the “Enterprise “Group ARK” a project of basic technical solutions concerning bases and foundations of a Trade and store complex at the crossing of Kashirskoe highway and Kolomenskaya Street was executed.

       The new trade and store two-floor complex with the floor total area of 5500 m2 is designed with a partial placement on the slope of the former ravine in the deepest part of which there used to be a pond. After the pond and ravine had been filled up during the period of 1964 -1975 the ground surface with general incline in the South-East direction and level difference of 5 m was formed. The layer of fill-up soils under the projected complex ranges from 2.5 to 14.1 m thick.

       The project of basic solutions was elaborated to have three variants. The first one foresees consolidation of ground massif applying the jet single-fluid cementation under the “jet-grouting” technology by the jet-piles field on the foundation slab total area. The second variant is the consolidation of the slope directly with using the same technology. The third variant envisages the trade and store complex construction remove onto the site outside the ravine slope. Consideration of all variants will facilitate the developer optimum decision on making the construction.

October, 2002

       Following the order of the “Enterprise “Group ARK” a project development of basic technical solutions concerning bases and foundations of the Trade complex at the Kashirskoe highway and Kolomenskiy Street crossing was begun.

       The new trade two-floor complex having floor total area of 6500 m2 is designed on the place of the former ravine filled terrace where under the layers of filled-up ground household rubbish and constriction waste is found practically everywhere. The filling has being executed during the period of 1970 - 1983 and has the thickness ranging from 10 to 16 m on the construction site.

       During the elaboration the project of basic solutions two variants were designed. The first one envisages consolidation of ground massif applying jet cementation under the “jet-grouting” technology by the jet-piles field on the total area of the foundation slab having a special design and allowing to execute compensating injections of cement grout in case of ground sag under the slab between the piles in the process of complex operation. The double-fluid water system of jet-grouting technology is recommended to apply that gives the opportunity to replace decomposing household rubbish by cement grout or single-fluid one with indispensable prewashing of holes. The second variant envisages complete substitution of ground base and removal of household rubbish and construction waste to the landfill in some other place. Consideration of all variants will give the developer an opportunity to make an optimal decision on the construction.

November, 2002

       From November,7 2002 free access to our site section “Publications” is discontinued and henceforth the open publications in the specialized magazines will be of brief informative nature only announcing complete and paid web-versions of the articles.

       At the same time new paid section “Documentation” is opened where the site visitors will have the opportunity to place the order for an electronic version of technical documentation on designs, individual solutions and developments they grew interested in.

       These innovations will make it possible to improve the quality and more detailed presentation of papers concerning the most complicated engineering solutions and construction projects and essentially increase the volume of information gave in English.

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