Construction technology: bored piles and columns, jet-grouting, jet-columns, grouting, diaphragm walls, shoring of excavation, consolidation of foundation and foundation bed, jet-grouting curtain, micropiles, anchors, lining, waterproofing, bed drainage, dewatering.
    Underground parking at Revolution Square (Moscow)
    Project customer - JSC "Corporation "ENGEOCOM" (Russian Federation)

Underground parking at Revolution Square (Moscow).
Underground parking at Revolution Square (Moscow).

View of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete vaulted lining from the side of ramp under construction.
View of cast-in-situ  reinforced concrete  vaulted lining  from the side of
ramp under construction.

In 7.5 months (1996-1997) in the very center of Moscow based on the "know-how" by Pavel B. Yurkevich a four-level underground parking in vaulted lining was constructed using ordinary cast-in-situ reinforced concrete. The lining is unique and has no analogue elsewhere in the world either by its structure or by its building technology.

There were projected to be execu- ted the main structures, including unique vaulted lining; while water- proofing of underground parking, except waterproofing at floor slab and waterproofing of adjacent pe- destrian tunnel, organization of construction and special construc- tion methods have been also desig- ned.

Basic technical solutions:
  • Excavation pit enclosing structu- res comprising cast-in-situ reinfor- ced concrete diaphragm walls, thickness 90 cm and walls of bored-secant piles, diameter 83 cm, gross area 3270 m2;

  • Temporary support - three tiers of metal pile belts, pipe buntons and struts (no temporary support was provided for the ramp area);

  • In-situ reinforced concrete foun- dation slab - flat within ramp area and service premises area and in the form of reverse sloping vault - for the vaulted lining;

  • In-situ reinforced concrete vaults of floor and roof - sloping, single-span structures with unified geo- metric shape of curved form used;

  • Waterproofing - one "Isoplast" layer, clamped between pit enclo- sing structure and vault feet.

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