Construction technology: bored piles and columns, jet-grouting, jet-columns, grouting, diaphragm walls, shoring of excavation, consolidation of foundation and foundation bed, jet-grouting curtain, micropiles, anchors, lining, waterproofing, bed drainage, dewatering.

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Waterproofing of underground structures with the help of geosynthetics. Three ways to build reliable waterproofing.
In this well illustrated with figures and photos monograph there are considered three methods of waterproofing reliability ensuring made of the geo-synthetic materials for the most crucial underground structures which are erected using the «diaphragm walls» method under the adverse hydrogeological conditions: two principally different methods and one as a modernized symbiosis of the first two methods developed especially for the construction «top-down».
    The following construction solutions and execution technology are considered:
  • waterproofing with internal additional drainage layer;

  • waterproofing with a sectional system of leakage suppression;

  • waterproofing with internal additional drainage layer and a sectional system of sealing.
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Russian version, PDF, 1932 Kb - 34 pages, A4.
Bored columns the new reality. The technology of bored column onstruction, FLASH-presentation.
The subject of the article is a detailed consideration of a fundamentally new technology for the erection of bored columns made of in-situ reinforced concrete and of high execution accuracy and bearing capacity. The author especially introduces the term «bored columns» into practice to point out distinctions of applied for the first time in the world decision from the well-known bored piles or precast reinforced concrete columns erected in the bored holes.
This technological innovation allows use a combined construction method that provide concurrent erection of the buildings underground parts applying the «top-down» method and the «down-top» one of the aboveground parts. In this case it is possible sensu stricto to «suspend» totally the buildings aboveground parts together with lift wells and stairwells above the excavation pits being deepened under them.
The technology of a bored column erection was considered in details in the Flash-presentation where 14 successive phases are presented.
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Russian version, PDF, 1621 Kb - 15 pages, A4,
SWF-file, 229 Kb 14 frames.
E-book «Five-level underground parking-garage of «The Alfa-Arbat-Center» Multifunctional Complex in Moscow. General Construction Technology.»
It is for the first time in Russia that on the basis of our know-how related to erection of multilevel underground parking-garage by top-down method, both lift shafts/staircases and access ramps with their serpentine parts were erected downwards simultaneously with the floor-slabs. This innovation made it possible to use the ramp structure at all project construction stages both as permanent support system and for delivery of materials and small articles thereupon as well as to start finishing work and installation of engineering systems at the erected upper stores simultaneously with the soil excavation and with erection of the lower stores.
    The full version:
    Russian version, Pdf, 17155 Kb - 36 pages, A4;
  • 25 drawings of the construction management design;

  • 130 illustrative pictures.
    The reduce version:
    Russian version, Pdf, 4302 Kb - 36 pages, A4;
  • The majority of drawings and illustrations represented as photo-frames.
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