Construction technology: bored piles and columns, jet-grouting, jet-columns, grouting, diaphragm walls, shoring of excavation, consolidation of foundation and foundation bed, jet-grouting curtain, micropiles, anchors, lining, waterproofing, bed drainage, dewatering.

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«Five-level underground parking-garage of «The Alfa-Arbat-Center»
Multifunctional Complex in Moscow. General Construction Technology»
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E-book «Five-level underground parking-garage of «The Alfa-Arbat-Center» Multifunctional Complex in Moscow. General Construction Technology», PDF-file, 17155 Kb - 36 pages A4.
       September 2003, five-level underground parking-garage project of «The Alfa-Arbat-Center» multifunctional complex was successfully completed, design of the project having become most important stage of updating the top-down construction method on the basis of our own previous experience.

       It is for the first time in Russia that on the basis of our know-how related to erection of multilevel underground parking-garage by top-down method, both lift shafts/staircases and access ramps with their serpentine parts were erected downwards simultaneously with the floor-slabs. This innovation made it possible to use the ramp structure at all project construction stages both as permanent support system and for delivery of materials and small articles thereupon as well as to start finishing work and installation of engineering systems at the erected upper stores simultaneously with the soil excavation and with erection of the lower stores.
       Clients and investors have repeatedly shown their interest to reduce the amount of their investment by finding ways for buildings to be put into operation with unfinished underground stores, the stores being finished on account of profit gained from operation of the building. Indeed, it may be reasonable under certain circumstances to put a building into operation with finished aboveground structures and limited number of finished underground stores minimally needed for the first period of operation, so that the whole project could be completed without barring operation of these stores. This is particularly vital for underground parking-garages, storage premices and garages. This is no secret that in densely built-up urban areas, the cost of underground construction projects essentially exceeds that of those aboveground; however, owing to rise of the cost of land and to the overall urbanization, underground construction gets more and more demanded.

       The top-down method in civil construction have made such an obvious progress that the second-turn construction of underground stores does not seem to be fantastic so far. On demand of the client, we are at present ready to give our proposals for any future project.

       Under market economy, a demand is always answered with a proposal. Given the fact that the baret system of erecting support structures so traditional for western countries has from the very beginning been orientated exclusively to the classic top-down construction method, there is no wonder that the demand for our technology which allows to simultaneously proceed with the construction both upwards and downwards from the ground level raised so much.

       Owing to an essential cut in the overall project construction time, the use of bored columns characteristic with high rigidity and carrying capacity gained very soon after the erection brings the top-down method of underground construction to a new quality level. It is at least unethical to compare the cut-and-cover and the top-down method on the basis of the cost of the project underground part only and on the basis of the classic top-down scheme.

       Under particularly adverse site geological conditions and in densely built-up urban areas, the most safe and at the same time combined top-down method does not practically have any competition, since in case of the cut-and-cover techniques, direct construction cost of the underground part of the new building should be added with costs associated with the consolidation of foundations and structures of neighboring protected buildings.

       The electronic book is created in format PDF. You need program Adobe Acrobat Reader v. 5.05 or higher from site Adobe Systems Inc.
    The full version:
  • 25 drawings of the construction management design;
  • 130 illustrative pictures, detail description, review of the solutions taken.
    The reduced version:
  • The majority of drawings and illustrations represented as photo-frames.

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