Construction technology: bored piles and columns, jet-grouting, jet-columns, grouting, diaphragm walls, shoring of excavation, consolidation of foundation and foundation bed, jet-grouting curtain, micropiles, anchors, lining, waterproofing, bed drainage, dewatering.

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Construction Internet sites
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Portals and catalogues on various subjects, including construction
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Construction Internet sites:
  1. aec.CADinfo.Net: The catalogue of building sites formed Google from the most rating global Internet-resources, Australia.
  2. AecInfo.Com: Building Product Information, CSI Specs, CAD Details And More for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Switzerland-Belgium.
  3. Archi.RU: The Russian Architectural News Agency.
  4. Arcat.Com: Architectural information on building materials, manufacturers, specifications, BIM families and CAD details, USA.
  5. ArchiBase.Net: Architectural Community. GDL objects, quality textures and artworks at our planet.
  6. ArchitectureWeek.Com: The new Magazine of design and building, USA.
  7. A-S-R.RU: The Russian Association of builders.
  8. BetterBuild.Com: Betterbuild - The Building Product Search Engine, UK.
  9. BuilderCentral.Com: Comprehensive Home Builder Web Directory.
  10. Builder and Construction web directory, USA.
  11. BuilderState.Com: Guide lists thousands of builders and construction sites offering home improvement, contractors, engineers and many unique and exclusive specialist services, USA.
  12. BuilderStep.Com: The International Builder construction web directory, India.
  13. BuilderTotal.Com: Builders, Contractors and Home Improvement Directory, USA.
  14. BuilderWebz.Com: Construction Web Directory, Home Builder, Contractor, Architecture and Construction Software Resources, India.
  15. BuildingOnLine.Com: Where the Building Industry is found on the Internet, USA.
  16. Construction.CA: The Canada Construction Portal an electronic community for products and services exchanges.
  17. ConstructionDB.Com: Construction Forums provides information on construction industries of Building, Services and Civil works claims and contractual issues with New design and path for ConstructionDB. Hong Kong.
  18. ConstructionEducation.Com: Construction Education - portal.
  19. ConTechSystems.Com: Con-Tech Systems Ltd - Supplier of Geo-Support Systems and the TITAN IBO System.
  20. CNPlus.Co.UK: Business Portal Construction News, UK.
  21. EJGE.Com: Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering.
  22. ENR.Construction.Com: The bible of the construction industry, providing news and features about projects, products and people in construction, architecture and engineering, USA.
  23. GeotechnicalDirectory.Com: Information on academic and industrial research laboratories, service providers (test labs, consultants, contractors), forthcoming conferences, design standards (American and European countries) and books relating to geotechnical engineering.
  24. Gidrokor.RU: The Russian company "Gidrokor" - Reconstruction of buildings and constructions, construction of nature protection objects, manufacture and delivery of geosynthetic materials.
  25. GreatBuildings.Com: Architecture around the world and across history, in an online multimedia encyclopedia of world architecture. USA.
  26. HomeBuilderContractor.Com: Directory of home builders with home building construction info, home plans, home design ideas, and real estate construction information, USA.
  27. Jet-Grouting.Com: A technical resource forum for the application and advancement of the Jet Grouting Technology.
  28. NCEP.Co.UK: New Civil Engineer - news, information, ideas, directories and jobs, UK.
  29. PlanningPlanet.Com: Specialist Resource for Project Planners & Managers; benchmarks, metrics, production rates, effort hours, cycle times, discussion & networking.
  30. SkyscraperPage.Com: Building portal about the most interesting buildings of the world (a photo, drawings, posters, forums), Canada.
  31. Soil-Mixing.Com: A technical resource forum for those involved in the design or construction of soil mixing projects.
  32. Structurae.DE: International Database and Gallery of Structures, Germany.
  33. TempStroy.RU: TempStroySystem - Russian corporation.
  34. UK CivilEngineering.Co.UK: Civil Engineering Directory, UK.
  35. Vitruvio.Net: Architecture on the Web, Switzerland.

    Construction Internet sites (only in Russian):
  36. AltayStroy.RU: The Altai construction portal, Russia.
  37. Architector.RU: The Russian directory site - system statement of data about building materials, products and problems of modern architecture.
  38. BasaProektov.Narod.RU: "Base of projects" - catalogue of CAD-drawings and component parts for engineers - builders and adjacent specialities, designers, students of building specialities.
  39. Brigada.Biz: The Russian Club of building acquaintances: search and selection of private building brigades, civil engineering firms, designers on an interior and landscapes. Building materials, technologies and the tool.
  40. Bud-Inform.Com.UA: All about construction and repair in Ukraine.
  41. Build.RU: All about construction and repair, Russia.
  42. Conon.RU: The Russian Costruction System " - construction on-line".
  43. Enginery.RU: Engineering maintenance of construction, Russia.
  44. GeoProekt.Net: Company "Geoproject" - a wide spectrum of services for the decision of geotechnical problems industrial and a constructional engineering, Russia.
  45. Gvozdik.RU: The Russian information analytical portal for professionals.
  46. Interier-Portal.RU: Interior-portal of the companies of Russia.
  47. Jet-Grouting.RU: EPC- jet-grouting technology, Russia.
  48. Know-House.RU: Know-House: Info System on Construction Industry.
  49. MosStroy.RU: The catalogue of building links of Moscow and Moscow suburbs.
  50. Nitron.RU: Civil engineering firm "Nitron+" Ltd. - construction, mounting and an earthwork operations. A bulletin board: construction and the real estate, Russia.
  51. NSP.SU: Free construction portal, Russia.
  52. SMU.RU: The all Russian Building complex.
  53. Stroim.Elport.RU: The Russian business-portal "Elport".
  54. Stroit.RU: : The Russian information building portal "Stroyka".
  55. StroyCatalog.RU: The catalogue (rating) of building sites of Russia.
  56. StroyList.RU: StroyLIST - the Russian building portal.
  57. StroykaVeka.RU: The Russian building portal "Stroyka Veka".
  58. StroyNet.RU: The Russian Building portal "StroyNet".
  59. StroyPortal.RU: The Russian information portal on construction and repair.
  60. StroyProfi.RU: The Russian information & trading portal "StroYTrading.RU".
  61. Stroy.Ukr-Biz.Net: The Crimean building portal, Ukraine.
  62. VashDom.RU: The Russian portal "Your house - all for construction and repair".
  63. Yamax.Ru: Construction and repair in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Patenting and document circulation, building expertise:
  1. E-P-S.RU: Building expertise, independent judicial building expertise - Russia, Moscow.
  2. FreshPatents.Com: The latest published US patent applications each week before the USPTO decision to grant/deny.
  3. Patentattorney.Narod.RU: Patent firm STED - industrial property protection and registration, Russia.
Glossary of Construction Terminology:
  1. Angelfire.Com: Sebastian's Technical Glossary.
  2. Askiri.Com: Glossary of Waterproofing Terminology.
Scientific & Technical Libraries:
  1. FEMA.Gov: Federal Emergency Management Agency: Earthquake Publications and Tools. USA.
  2. SciTecLibrary.RU: Scientific-technical library "SciTecLibrary".

    Scientific and technical libraries (only in Russian):
  3. MTB.Org.BY: Republican scientific and technical library of Belarus.
Science & Engineering Encyclopedias:
  1. DiracDelta.Co.UK: A free online Science & Engineering Encyclopedia, UK.
Government (only in Russian):
  1. Fgufccs.RU: The Government Federal center on pricing in construction and the industry of building materials, Russia.
  2. MCCS.RU: The register of the building organizations (Russia).
Education - Universities & Colleges (only in Russian):
  1. MIIT.RU: Moscow State University of Communication Means (MIIT).
  2. MAI.Exler.RU: Students' site of the Moscow state Aviation Institute, MAI.
Building Equipment & Materials:
    Building Equipment & Materials (only in Russian):
  1. Aldis.RU: Company "Aldis" - components of automation systems and management of streams: detecting devices, valves, control units, Russia.
  2. Gips.RU: Company "Gipsotrade": Building materials with delivery, construction and repair.
  3. Poulel.RU: Group of companies "Poulel" - the official distributor of company SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. in Russia.
  4. SSA.RU: Database of the companies and shops of building business of Moscow and Moscow suburbs.
Portals and catalogues on various subjects, including construction:
  1. Alibaba.Com: The World's Largest Base of Suppliers.
  2. B2BToday.Com: B2B search directory marketplace.
  3. CanLinks.Net: CANLink Directories - Canadian and Worldwide Links.
  4. Dmoz.Org: ODP - Open Directory Project.
  5. GlobalSpec.Com: Engineering Search & Industrial Supplier Catalogs, USA.
  6. Intute provides free access to high-quality Internet resources for education and research, UK.
  7. MFGpages.Com: Global Manufacturer Pages, USA.
  8. RIN.RU: Russian Information Network.
  9. RusMarket.Com: The Russian b2b portal - business directory, marketplace, news, services.
  10. Trading-Brasil.Com: Your digital gateway to the international marketplace, Brasil.
  11. WorldBid.Com: International Trade Leads Import Export b2b Marketplace.

    Portals and catalogues on various subjects, including construction (only in Russian):
  12. Adre.RU: The Russian catalogue and search engine "Adre".
  13. All.BY: All resources from Belarus.
  14. Bakililar.AZ: The Azerbaijan portal "Bakililar".
  15. Big-Deal.RU: The Russian catalogue of Internet sites "Big-Deal".
  16. Biscont.Com.UA: New business contacts - the Ukrainian portal "BisCont".
  17. BR.BY: Business portal the Belorusian rating.
  18. Catalog.4WD.RU: The Russian catalogue of resources.
  19. Catalog.Made.RU: The Russian catalogue of resources "".
  20. Cibis.RU: The Russian thematic catalogue of sites.
  21. Cybertown.RU: The Russian catalogue of resources "CyberTown".
  22. Directrix.RU: The Russian catalogue and rating of sites "Directrix".
  23. FindMe.RU: The Russian rating catalogue of new millenium.
  24. GlobalExpo.RU: The Russian catalogue of the enterprises and the organizations "Global Expo".
  25. Goon.RU: Search, the catalogue and rating of sites "Goon", Russia.
  26. Industrial.WS: The Russian portal "Russian Industry".
  27. Ivan.Susanin.Com: The Russian thematic catalogue - guidebook "Susanin".
  28. iVolga.RU: Business-portal of Privolzhskij Federal district, Russia.
  29. Link.Times.LV: The catalogue "About interesting sites", Latvia.
  30. ListTop.RU: The Russian catalogue "ListTop".
  31. Mail.RU: "" - The catalogue of the Russian Internet resources.
  32. Narod.Co.IL: The Israeli Russian-speaking portal "".
  33. NN.RU: Nizhni Novgorod On-line - the Nizhniy Novgorod city site, Russia.
  34. NP.BY: "New portal" - mail, news, weather, catalogue, films - Belarus.
  35. The Russian catalogue "OpenLinks".
  36. OpenMarket.RU: Manufacturers of the goods and services in the Internet, CIS.
  37. Proms.Ru: The Russian catalogue of the enterprises "Proms".
  38. Qp.Dp.UA: The Ukrainian catalogue "Where to go?".
  39. RusBiz.Net: Russian business - the business catalogue and the directory.
  40. Russianst.Com: Russian-speaking portal: the Internet-catalogue, Business-catalogue, Auction, Mail, Bulletin boards, the Forum...
  41. Sdelki.RU: The centre of business offers, Russia.
  42. Souz.Co.IL: Souz - Israel portal in Russian.
  43. SuperList.RU: The Russian catalogue Internet resources "SuperLIST".
  44. Teus.RU: The Russian catalogue "Teus".
  45. UaList.Com: The Ukrainian catalogue and search engine "UaList.Com".
  46. UkrInfo.Net: Information search system on prices of goods and services in cities of Ukraine.
  47. Ulitka.RU: The Russian catalogue Internet resources "Ulitka".
  48. Vsego.RU: The Russian catalogue of Internet sites "Vsego.RU".
  49. WWW.RU: Russia on the Net - The original Russian Web directory.
  50. YBN.RU: Your business network - unites average and small businessmen of Russia in a uniform business network.
  51. YellowPages.RIN.RU: RIN - Yellow Pages.
Free download eBooks:
  1. Openpdf.Com: Search engine and online viewer for ebooks in .pdf file format, USA.
  2. Osun.Org: Search engine for ebooks in .pdf, .doc and .ppt file format, USA.
  3. PdfGeni.Com: Free PDF eBook and PDF manual for Business, Education,Finance... USA.
  4. PdfQueen.Com: PDF Search engine. Free unlimited pdf search and download. Millions of documents in the database. USA.
Search and metasearch engines:
  1. Alexa.Com: Alexa Web Search - In Association with
  2. AltaVista.Com: AltaVista - The Search Company.
  3. Ask.Com: Ask Jeeves - The search technologies for consumers and companies.
  4. Bing.Com: The search engine from Microsoft Corporation, USA.
  5. Chubba.WhatUseek.Com: Chubba: A powerful Web metasearch engine.
  6. Claymont.Com: Claymont Search Engine - free search engine submissions, USA.
  7. Copernic.Com: The metasearch engine "Copernic", USA.
  8. DevilFinder.Com: The Devilfinder Search Engine - Finding Stuff Since 1979, USA.
  9. Dogpile.Com: The metasearch engine "Dogpile by InfoSpace.
  10. Ezilon.Com: Regional Web Directory and Search Engine, USA.
  11. Google.Com: Google: The search engine 1 in the world.
  12. Ixquick.Com: The European metasearch engine "Ixquick".
  13. Libero.IT: The Italian search engine "Libero" (only in Italian).
  14. Lycos.Com: Lycos Network Search: The search engine.
  15. MetaCrawler.Com: The metasearch engine "MetaCrawler".
  16. Meta-Ukraine.UA: : The Ukrainian search engine.
  17. Msxml.Excite.Com: The metasearch engine "InfoSpace", USA.
  18. Quintura.Com: Quintura search engine works the way people search and advances web search beyond keyword search into a visual context-based search using data clustering, visualization and context management. USA.
  19. SajaSearch.Com: Saja Search - Malaysian Search Engine.
  20. ScrubTheWeb.Com: Scrub The Web Search Engine, USA.
  21. Search.Com: The metasearch engine "".
  22. The metasearch engine AOL.
  23. Searchalot.Com: Searchalot - We search a lot so you don't have to!
  24. SearchSight.Com: Changing the Way People See the Internet! Visual Search Engine with Thumbnail Images.
  25. TopiaWebSearch.Com: Web Search and Directory - your destination for everything (USA).
  26. Twirly.Com: Search engines at Twirly! free people isp central.
  27. Whois.BW.Org: Bill Weinman Whois Service.
  28. Yahoo!.Com: Yahoo!: The search engine.

    Search and metasearch engines (only in Russian):
  29. ALL.BY: The Belarussian Information Search Engine.
  30. Alloy.RU: The Russian search engine on the business Internet.
  31. AlterVista.RU: AlterVista: Russian search - our way.
  32. BigMir.Net: The Ukrainian search and rating system "BigMir)Net".
  33. Mail.RU: The Russian search engine
  34. MetaBot.RU: Most powerful russian metasearch engine on the Web!
  35. MMNT.RU: Mamont - the Russian largest general purpose FTP Search Engine.
  36. Nigma.RU: The intellectual metasearch engine with support of Russian morphology and two-level clustering, the Moscow State University, Russia.
  37. Telion.RU: The Russian Information Search Engine. "Telion".
  38. Ping.Com.UA: TopPING: The Ukrainian search engine, a rating and the catalogue of sites.
  39. Rambler.RU: Rambler: The Russian information search engine.
  40. VisualWorld.RU: The information system: semantic search in Internet and search under encyclopedias with visualization of associative links, Russia.
  41. World.RU: World: The Russian search engine.
  42. Yandex.RU: Yandex: The Russian search engine.

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